Applelec Marine creates premium identity signage for luxury Mediterranean yacht


Yacht Illumination

Our Yacht Illumination components include the versatile and slim light panel, LED Light Sheet, LED ribbon light and LED neon flex. The products are used for a variety of complimentary architectural light features for yachts such as illuminating decorative surface materials, path and contour marking, accent lighting, perimeter lighting, pelmet lighting, cove lighting and under counter lighting.

Create stunning illuminated interiors with the addition of LED Light Sheet. Manufactured by Applelec in the UK, the light panel is created to bespoke shapes and is available in a range of LED effects, including a variety of white colour temperatures, RGB, individually addressable LEDs and Dynamic White.

Our LED tape light, called LED ribbon light, is fixed easily along room contours and furniture edges to provide subtle yacht illumination. This LED tape light can be positioned under desk edges or along the base of cabinets to complement lighting schemes.

LED neon flex provides an alternative to traditional glass neon light systems and can be curved and shaped easily. As a highly flexible LED rope light system designed for long linear architectural lighting, LED neon flex can be cut and installed quickly and simply making this a highly adaptable product.

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