Delivering a flawless finish with yacht signage from our Yacht Branding range

Replacing temporary vinyl letters, a premium stainless steel alternative has been selected from our Yacht Branding range to enhance the identity of this yacht. Applied to its transom, flat faced built up letters have been created with an overall span of 900mm across the back of the yacht.

Standard or bespoke fonts and unique logo shapes can all be created in the range, so this Copperplate Gothic typeface was easily accommodated. Emphasising the blunt terminus of vertical and horizontal strokes, small glyphic serifs were required without compromising the smooth finish of the yacht signage. As all sharp points are eliminated in our production process, this was not a problem.

In order to form the strong angular points of these serifs, letter returns needed to be formed with extreme accuracy and then soldered to the face of the yacht lettering. Creating a continuous soldered seam in the process, the yacht letters were then filed and highly polished to create a smooth edge for even the most intricate of shapes.

Following this process the letters were fixed to the yacht using a two part process to ensure precise positioning and durability in a nautical environment. The yacht lettering was firstly secured into place using VHB tape so the letters appear flush to the surface with invisible fixings. Once fixed, silicone was then applied around the edge of the yacht lettering to seal them from the elements and ingress.

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