Viper V12

The Viper V12 is a surface mounted light

Viper V12 is advanced LED technology and has been designed with extreme durability and longevity in mind.

Multi-Level Sealing Technology (MLST) components are loaded into the cassette type rear assembly, where multiple sealing methods and materials are utilised to provide high level protection against moisture, water and chemical damage.

Constructed from Billet marine grade AB2 bronze, with an ultra-thick 8mm Borosilicate window, the Viper has a beautiful jewel esque profile that is robust and long-wearing.

Available colours: Cobalt Blue, Diamond White and Emerald Green

Key Features

  • Suitable for boats up to 25m
  • High life expectancy of 50,000 + hours
  • Draws just 12v
  • Suitable for transom or side hull mounting
  • Supplied with a 2 year warranty

Get in touch:

Darren Thrower,
International Project Director

+34 678 346 656