Viberlight Fibre Optic Lighting

Corning® Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fibre, represents a new generation in lighting technology.
Delivering unparalleled intensity, Viberlight features exceptional light clarity and provides design freedom for weaving strips of thin light into floors, walls and ceilings, creating striking illumination for marine, entertainment and architectural lighting designs.
A fully flexible light solution, Viberlight is a single strand of strong optical fibre that can be bent, twisted and knotted 360°, achieving countless designs and making the lighting solution highly suitable for a broad range of applications.
The ultra-thin, lightweight glass fibre has a streamline diameter of just 0.23mm and is available in lengths of up to 150m, delivering powerful illumination without any drop in light. Running cool to the touch, Viberlight’s low temperature makes the lighting solution ideal for low level installations and constructed with waterproofing, the fibre optic light is suitable for both internal and external applications. 
The RGB fibre optic can generate a wide range of colour options, including white, for creating bespoke yacht, marine and architectural lighting features. 

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Highly flexible
  • Cool running temperature
  • Available in 150m lengths
  • Powerful illumination

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