K2W LED Navigation Lights

K2W LED navigation lights have an extremely robust construction, are waterproof and are one of the most energy-efficient navigation lights on the world market.

High reliability and compact design of the new navigation lights allow their installation on professional boats over 50 metres. For professional shipping long lifetime and low maintenance costs are essential.

In comparison to traditional techniques available on the market, our newly designed bicolour side lights have remarkable advantages. Therefore, energy consumption is reduced from 25 to 1,6 Watts. Furthermore, the lifetime of the new lights is much longer than the one of navigation lights existing on the market.

Very high quality material, such as seawater proof aluminium and stainless steel is used to produce our LED-navigation lights. Weather resistant lenses made of boron glass guarantee long-term transparency.

Extensive endurance tests have confirmed functionality and persistence of the LED navigation lights also under adverse seawater conditions. Due to high performance LED, our navigation lights develop a nautical reach of over two or three nautical miles, the masthead-light even over five or six nautical miles respectively.

The LED - navigation lights S64 have been tested, approved and certified by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) of the Federal Republic of Germany and DNV Germanischer LLoyd (DNV GL) according to the EU regulations.

Key Features

  • Powerful illumination, whilst being highly energy efficient
  • Models for vessels up to & over 50 metres in length
  • Savings of 85% - 95% energy
  • Not sensitive to vibration due to absence of conventional bulbs
  • No risk of corrosion.
  • Zero maintenance
  • IP67 & IP68 rating

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International Project Director

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